Spring, summer, autumn, winter! Loving, rising and falling, living a human life is the main subject of Pina, the latest movie of Wim Wenders, dedicated to the memory of the German dancer and choreographer, Pina Bausch.

I think Wim Wenders, succeeded in transmitting the emotional charge of Pina Bausch’s choreographies. The gestures, the facial expressions, the music and the surroundings create a whole that will capture your soul and mind. From one scene to the other, you will go from infinite sadness to unbearable joy of life, from despair to quite acceptance.

As the closing credits ended, we looked at each other and wondered how this could be possible? Should we go get tickets for the next screening and come back? Will we be able to handle this much emotion? No, we wont… We’ll have to come back another day.

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