Black screen problem solved

CR2032 battery

The other day, when starting up my computer, it would not boot… I could hear some buzz, probably from the hard drive or the fan, but there was no beep at all, and my screen was black.

Not a good sign, my thought have immediately went to the story I heard about the high number of solar explosions this year, and how they are going to affect our gadgets. It was the last thing I wanted to do, to change my computer… It was behaving just right, nothing fancy, doing what it was supposed to do and now I am looking at a black screen.

I started googling, to find a solution, but most of the websites were talking about short circuits on the motherboard and other scary scenarios. Not finding an easy solution I turned to Tweeter to see what tweepl can recommend as a laptop to replace my desktop. A friend of mine recommended an Assus machine from, great specs and amazing price. I slept on it and the next day I bought it with extended warranty, just in case the solar explosions would play me another bad trick.

I started getting used to the idea, that I’ll have another computer and that I’ll have to spend a whole weekend to set it up the way I need it, when I made one last try and I found a website mentioning the battery on the motherboard.

Bingo! That was it, all it took was to replace the battery that came from the factory with a new one and now my computer would boot normally ( I’m actually writing this post from it).

Now the big question was, what am I going to do with the laptop that I just bought? I logged in to my account on Newegg and I saw that the order is still processing and it was not shipped. I contacted customer support over chat, in 2 minutes my order was canceled and I was fully reimbursed.


1. Sometimes all it takes is a battery to get your computer back to normal.
2. Social networks are great places to start
3. has very attractive prices for well equipped laptops
4. and they also have great customer service

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