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It was back in 2008, that I was approached by a friend to make a logo and a webpage for a girl with AIDS, who wants to create a foundation. Since it was a non-profit project, that could potentially help many people, I accepted it. The name of the foundation was the Lara Roxx Foundation with the mission to spread awareness and provide proper care to people living with HIV/ AIDS.

Here are a few lines about her I reproduce from the original website:

In March of 2004 Lara Roxx took a plane to Los Angeles leaving her native Montreal in search of a quick fortune in the Adult Entertainment’s land of opportunity known on the map as San Fernando Valley.

Her plan was simple. She would first meet her agent and then embark on a busy work schedule. The more scenes, the more money, and in L.A a young woman could perform several scenes a day and easily earn as much as $10,000 to $15,000 a week depending on how open minded she was in terms of her physical boundaries.

Eager to get to work Lara Roxx performed her first scene within 24 hours of landing on American soil. What was meant to be the first of many lucrative scenes was destined to end her career before it ever got off the ground.

Here is the logo I did:


and a screenshot of the page I designed:

Website designed for the Lara Roxx Foundation

Fast-forward to 2011, this week I overheard a dialogue about a girl invited to Tout le monde en parle at Radio Canada, the most popular talk-show in the Francophone Canada. I asked them if it was Lara, and to my surprise I learned that there is a documentary film about her life, that just came out.  I hope the experience of participating in this documentary project helped her get back the joy of life and hope for a better future.

Here is a short trailer of Inside Lara Roxx, a documentary directed by Mia Donovan

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