I’m tired of Instagram pictures

Instagram screenshots

I got to a point when I get nauseous when I see these faded photos taken with the Instagram app, reproducing the effect of time on old Polaroid images.

Developed by, you know that company that was bought for a ridiculous price by Zuckerberg, the app is omnipresent on social media; I see it especially on Twitter, but there is no escape from it on other networks too.

Let’s get things straight, an old, faded Polaroid image is valuable and interesting, because it shows a moment from the past from a unique angle. There are no two Polaroid images the same, because of the specificity of that technology and this makes these images even more special. It’s not the case with the pictures snapped with a phone, they can be shared and reproduced endlessly and in most of the cases the Polaroid effect won’t make them better images.

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