Recent logo designs

Yolo Ventures

Yolo Ventures logo

Yolo Venture is a VC company owning several niche web portals. When I was asked to create a logo for them, I had to Google the meaning of YOLO to learn that it’s an acronyme for ” you live only once” and it’s actually a modern version of “carpe diem”. I wanted to keep the same spirit in the design, so I changed the L into a fusion between 1 and the letter L.

Pearl Dental Clinic

Logo designed for Pearl Dental Clinic

This is a logo I’ve designed for dr. Ali Shafiei, the most gentle and kind dentist you will ever meet. With the choice of the colors and the rounded shape of the letters, I wanted to represent visually the human values he’s bringing into his dental practice.

ClubBelievers logo

ClubBelievers is a website that is built as I write this post that will deal with the electronic music scene.


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